“Just Talk”

Just Talk is a card deck of 52 emotion words. Children and parents can use this simple tool to change their conversations and focus on the good in life by processing the hard and heavy experiences that come.

Is it hard to share how you feel?

Do you struggle to share how you feel sometimes?
Do your kids have trouble talking about how they feel?
Let’s face it! Feeling and expressing our emotions can be so tricky! AND trying to help our kids manage what they feel can be even trickier!
A few years ago, our family started using a homemade card deck to help us talk about our emotions. This became a simple tool that provided more opportunities to talk about our feelings and connect with each other. We have used them with each of our kids who can read and have seen amazing results!
Some things we have experienced with our family:
  • Conversations about what different emotions mean to each of us
  • Conversations with our teenagers when they were grumpy at siblings and then it turned out they were actually feeling stress with school
  • Conversations with our 9-year-old after he was mean to a friend but it turned out he was feeling frustrated for being left out by dad the night before. That became a fixable problem-to-solve.
  • More open conversation about hard topics even when the cards aren’t around because we become a safe space for our kids
  • And more!!
Does this sound like something you could use in your home??

–a card deck to change conversations in your home–

Ships for Free (because who likes to pay for shipping?)

Is the JUST TALK Deck for my family? 

This is for you if …

  • You want to better talk about emotions in your family.
  • Your children or spouse say “I don’t know” when they clearly have something they need to talk about.
  • You’d like many conversations to go differently.
  • You want a tool to help in critical moments.
  • You have reading-age children.


This is NOT for you if …

  • You want a quick fix to problems requiring therapy.
  • You don’t want better conversations in your family.
  • You aren’t willing to try something a little different.

“This deck is going to change so many families. From the moment Katrina told me about it I knew that this was a MUST HAVE for every household. So simple, but game-changing when it comes to conversations.”

Catie Borland