Deliberate Family Classes

Katrina is a charismatic speaker and writer who teaches families to Be Deliberate with family life and how to partner with Christ Everyday.

Some of the topics she speaks about include:

Jesus is the Strength of Family: 3 ways to be more deliberate with Him in daily life Diving deeper in Dieter F Uchtdorf’s talks “Jesus is the strength of Youth” & “Jesus is the strength of Parents”, Katrina teaches families how to apply Elder Uchtdorf’s counsel to daily life. Being deliberate with small habits will help your family create personal relationships with Christ and keep an eternal perspective in these latter days. 

– Essentialism for Families: How to Make Decisions in a World Full of Choices Based off Greg McKeown’s book “Essentialism”, Katrina teaches families, especially moms, how to apply Deliberate Principles to daily family life so that you can feel happy and successful at the end of each day instead of drained and exhuasted.

It’s Messy on Purpose: 3 ways to Increase Holiness at Home Russell M Nelson invites us to create our homes into places of spiritual security. Katrina teaches 3 mindsets that will shift how you think about your home and help you create an environment where the spirit is always welcome.

– Just Talk: 3 Ways to Improve Relationships at Home Do you feel like you don’t know what is going on in your kids’ heads? Following the Savior’s example, Katrina teaches how to improve conversations at home and use words to lift and connect.  

Faith over Fear: Exercising Covenant Power at Home Become aware of how fear drives behavior and how to partner with God to replace those fears with faith. Covenant keepers who are prepared have no need to fear.

Katrina enjoys speaking at women’s conferences, women’s retreats, girls’ camp, firesides and family events. Please fill in the form below with info about your event and Katrina will contact you. Thanks!

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