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Uplevel Your Skills for the Most Important Work You’ll Ever Do

Just Talk: Conversation Cards

Create a Family Culture where it is not hard to talk about how you feel and you know how to listen to each other. Children and parents can use this simple tool to change their conversations and relationships at home. 

Shipping November 2022!


Your Deliberate
Family Christmas

Invite Christ ❄️ Increase The Magic ❄️ Eliminate Chaos

Imagine a Christmas where…you make decisions early, giving gifts is fun, not stressful and you feel calm and peaceful. A Christmas were you can enjoy more moments with your kids and can connect as a couple because the to-do list is manageable.

Aaaanndd…you get to keep all these resources to use again and again for years to come.

Your kids only have so many Christmas’ at home.
Use this step-by-step course to create the Christ-centered and Magical Christmas you want!