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Focus: Relationships not Checklists

Prioritize: What Matters Most

Embrace: Identity and Purpose

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Hi! I’m Katrina!

I am a Mom of 5, Inspirational Speaker, Professional Teacher, Published Writer and former Homeschool Mom.

I teach LDS families how to overcome Satan’s attacks on families by becoming Distinct and Different For Christ. 

By centering EVERYTHING in your life on Christ  (ie. to-do lists, schedules, conversations, and systems at home)–you can create a Sin-Resistent Family that is Distinct and Different.

📝 Published author

🎙 engaging speaker

❤️ behavior change expert

What People Say

Katrina is inspiring while remaining grounded and accessible. Her tips are valuable and easy to implement, because she meets her clients and followers where they are. She is an asset to anyone looking to grow their family in love and faith.


Jennie M

Katrina’s expert advice on creating a deliberate family life has been invaluable. Her information is clear and easy to follow. The action steps are simple to implement. I love her personal life examples and how often she pulls in great resources. Her content is always relevant and useful—thank you, Katrina, for making it easier to be a deliberate family! 
Connie S

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