Create A Happy And Successful Family

Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved
when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ”

You can make this a reality in your home!

Decide what YOU want

Prioritize things that matter most

Partner with Christ Everyday

Deliberate Family empowers parents to Be Deliberate and Partner with Christ so they can create happy and successful families

Hi! I’m Katrina!

Do you feel exhausted and stretched thin by the end of the day? Do you often feel like you are always busy but never productive? 

Like you, I have had days where I felt overwhelmingly exhausted and grumpy by all the demands on my time and attention. Over the last 15 years, I have learned some Deliberate Practices that have helped me create a happier and more successful family.

I can’t wait to teach these practices to you!

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The Deliberate Family Process is Simple

When we feel unhappy at home, we start to doubt ourselves and lose hope because we feel out of control.

But you don’t have to feel that way!

Finding joy and success every day is a simple pattern:
1. Decide what YOU want
2. Align your habits and environment to your goals
3. Prayerfully get to work with the Lord as your partner

Take the “Decide What You Want” quiz to get started!

What people say

Learning about your story has helped me remember what’s important about mine. 

Everyone needs a Katrina in their lives.


Brittany P

Just wanted to tell you, your IG account is a beacon of light! The uplifting messages and support are something I look forward to on social media. 

Keep up the beautiful work of good. It’s much needed in the world. 
Jen H

Where to Find Me

Published Writer

I have been featured in Latter-Day Woman magazine and The Work and Wonder Collective. 

Follow my Instagram @deliberatefamily for the most recent articles and publications.

Inspirational Speaker

I teach families, especially moms, how to feel happy and successful at home through Deliberate Practices and strengthening their partnership with Jesus Christ.

I have been invited to speak at online conferences and webinars as well as in-person conferences and retreats. 

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Disciple Thought Leader

I’m a member of the Disciple Thought Leadership Circle. We host DTL retreats to help women become Speakers, Writers and Media Influencers for Him. 

If you’re ready to share your message about family and faith, schedule a call with me here! I would love to support you in your next steps to share your message of goodness with the world.

Host of the DF Podcast

I host the monthly podcast “Deliberate Family” where we talk about Deliberate Decisions we can make as moms to influence our homes for good. 

We like to include our whole family in the podcast so don’t be surprised if you hear stories and thoughts from my children.

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Create Your Happy and Successful Family by first Defining what YOU want